Comments on: How to use Stripe when running a Canadian Company http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada Thu, 30 Aug 2012 11:50:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: Guillaume Lambert http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada#comment-62 Thu, 30 Aug 2012 11:50:05 +0000 http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho?p=1731#comment-62 Great article, I’ve been meaning to use Stripe for a while (I’m based in Montreal, Quebec).

Hopefully that Beta will be out to the public soon. You have an access to it right now?

Keep up the good work on SocialWOD too, I too have something in the works for CrossFit gyms (I’ve been crossfitting for almost 2 years now, hehe)

By: kareem http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada#comment-60 Wed, 08 Aug 2012 04:31:13 +0000 http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho?p=1731#comment-60 Hey David,

Thanks man. If you’re Canadian you’ve got a Social Insurance Number. If you’ve worked in the US you’ve got a Social Security Number. Subtle but crucial difference unfortunately.

BTW Stripe Canada is in Beta, you can sign up here: When it launches it will render this hack unnecessary.

By: David http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada#comment-59 Tue, 07 Aug 2012 16:28:50 +0000 http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho?p=1731#comment-59 Hey Kareem,

Thanks for putting this together. Love finding loop holes 🙂 Nice Crossfit business idea by the way!

So i was hoping you could clarify one thing for me on something you said:

“There’s one caveat though: you need a Social Security Number. So if you haven’t worked in the US, I think you’re out of luck.”

Obviously as a Canadian, i have a Social Security #. But i’ve never worked in the US before.

Are you saying that you must have worked in the US? Or that you just need the EIN (which can be authorized by the IRS, even if you are from Canada)?

By: Vipul Patil http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada#comment-54 Mon, 16 Jul 2012 08:22:01 +0000 http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho?p=1731#comment-54 I am from India. Lets see if I can make this work?

By: Jason Hanley http://OFFLINEZIP.wpshousing-stripe-account-while-in-canada#comment-53 Sun, 15 Jul 2012 14:56:25 +0000 http://OFFLINEZIP.wpsho?p=1731#comment-53 Very nice! I may give this a try. PayPal is absolutely _the worst_.

Although I’ve heard Stripe is already doing a closed beta in Canada.