Automated Email Marketing

You have an existing business and want to grow it. You believe email is a viable approach to grow revenue. But you don’t have a ton of expertise with using email to grow.

How I can help

My approach is to create a system to reliably and predictably generate revenue with automated email. When I worked with Andrew Lissimore, CEO of, he learned that “automated emails print money”. I couldn’t put it better myself.

There are many ways email can help you grow, depending on your business. But a typical engagement might look like this:

  • You’ll have tooling set up to capture new email addresses from visitors to your site
  • You’ll also have an email marketing automation system set up to send emails to customers based on specific events
  • I’ll set up your web app, ecommerce platform, or other system to pipe customer events to the email marketing automation system. We’ll send emails to customers based on these events
  • I’ll import your existing lists into your email marketing automation tool
  • I’ll write, design, and test several automated multi-email campaigns and appropriate triggers
  • You’ll get weekly or monthly reports to track the ROI of your campaigns

When we’re finished with an engagement, you’ll have your own “money printing service”.

Are we a fit?

We might be a good fit if:

  • You want to make a one-time investment in a marketing tactic that will pay dividends for years.
  • You pay your bills promptly.
  • Your company made at least $250k in revenue last year.
  • We like each other

Past successes

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