Fractional Product Management Consultant

You’re running a software business. And you need an experienced technical Product consultant to help.

How I can help

When we work together, you’ll have a seasoned executive helping your product and team level up.

In the past, clients have hired me to solve problems like these:

Product Strategy

  • You’re not sure what your product usage, trial to paid rate, free to paid rate, and / or churn rates are
  • You’re concerned because you’ve spent lots of time and money building features, but your trial to paid rate, free to paid rate, and / or churn are too high
  • You’re not sure how to differentiate your product versus your competitors in a way that resonates with your customers

Prioritization and Delivery

  • You’re worried because your team doesn’t have as solid a grasp on what your customers want and you’d like them
  • You’re concerned because your team isn’t using the customer feedback you’re getting to inform product direction as much as you’d like
  • You want a better process to make decisions about the features you choose to build
  • You’re frustrated because your dev team can’t give you clear answers about when key features will be delivered
  • You’d like your dev team to build more, faster
  • You’re not sure if the features you spent weeks or months building were worth it
  • You’re about to build a new product, and want to minimize risk and maximize your investment
  • You want more effective KPIs to measure your team’s success


  • You feel like your app could be more intuitive


Extra Product Management bandwidth

  • Your team is swamped and you need some extra hands to help out with talking to customers, writing requirements, creating mockups, or working with design and development to ship software

Are we a fit?

We might be a good fit if:

  • You are doing more than $500k in revenue annually OR have raised at least $250k
  • You can commit at least three months to an engagement (process change takes time!)
  • You are either NOT technical or HIGHLY technical and need a partner who can speak to both business and technical stakeholders
  • You want frameworks and better pattern recognition so you and your team can build better software

Past successes

  • Charitable Impact went from napkin to $130 million as I led an 8 person product + dev team
  • I helped Predictable Revenue’s CEO think through his product strategy, and improved product and engineering processes to deliver higher quality software faster

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