SaaS Onboarding Consultant

You’re responsible for your SaaS onboarding funnel, and know it’s one of the keys to driving revenue growth.

You’d like an experienced set of eyes to look at your funnel and identify ways to both improve your customer experience and increase conversion.

How I can help

If you want to improve your trial to paid conversion, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been doing Onboarding Reviews since 2004

You get a unique blend of expertise: since 2001 I’ve been a UX designer, developer, and product manager at companies like ESPN and MySpace. I’ve also founded and sold two B2B SaaS companies.

Clients hire me to refine their onboarding strategy, identify places to improve UX to increase conversion, or both.

How does Onboarding Consulting work?

There are ways we can work together to improve your trial-to-paid conversion.

1. Formulate or revise your Strategy

In this phase, we identify:

  1. The customer segments to focus on (and why). Segments obviously have different value, so we should focus on the ones that are most important to your business.

  2. What success in your app looks like to people in those segments.

  3. How to change the experience so people in those segments succeed with your app quicker. When we know who to focus on and what they care about, it becomes easier to remove friction between signup and customers seeing value.

While formulating or revising your onboarding strategy, I’ll review:

  • data in tools like Full Story
  • product usage data
  • qualitative customer feedback

A complete strategy usually involves speaking with 6-8 customers in each segment you care about.

The deliverable here is a deck that we’ll walk through together that outlines my findings and recommendations.

I can also work with you and your team to brainstorm and implement experiments we can run to increase conversion.

2. UX Review

In a UX Review, you send me your URL and I’ll send you:

  • Screenshots of each step in your onboarding flow annotated with both best practices to continue and opportunities to improve conversion
  • A screencast of me walking through your app
  • A list of actionable improvements to increase conversion

We’ll also schedule a phone call to discuss the results and answer any questions you have.

Are we a fit?

We might be a good fit if:

  • You’re responsible for onboarding and activation for a B2B SaaS company
  • You charge customers a subscription fee to use your product
  • You product has a free trial model
  • You are doing more than $1M in annual revenue

Think I may be able help? Let’s chat →