Kareem Mayan

Product Management Consultant

I help C-level executives build great software products to grow revenue.

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I help (typically non-technical) C-Level executives build great B2B software products to grow revenue.

Specifically, I help execs by managing the product development process so they don't have to. Think of me as a technical Chief Product Officer for hire.

As a CPO for hire, clients get someone who:
• interviews customers to better understand their core needs and inform product strategy
• works with stakeholders to prioritize features and communicate the "why" behind them
• scopes solutions to the critical problems their customers care about
• leads or works with a development team to ship those solutions
• sets up systems to measure and report on success

I also write code (sometimes for clients), which helps me work fluidly with both business people and engineering teams. I've been building and shipping software since 2001.

Professional highlights include:
• Building and selling two B2B SaaS companies
• Working with a client CEO to take his idea from napkin to $130M in revenue
• Working with the CEOs of Predictable Revenue and Headphones.com, and brands like ESPN, MySpace, and FOXSports
• Guest lecturing at the University of Southern California
• My work appearing in the New York Times, Forbes, TechCrunch and FastCompany

My approach to business and software is customer-focused, thoughtful, and pragmatic.

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