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A progressive perspective

on employer-employee relations:
"I always made it a rule to tell employees that they should ALWAYS come to me with issues. No one works for me forever, so if you're not happy, that's fine. Either we can make you happy, or _I_ can help you get the next job. Who knows where you'll be in 5 years? I might need your help then! It's always worked for me, and I showed the same respect to my employees and teams as well.." -- Seen on slashdot

This comment displays a rare attitude which regards both participants in an employer-employee relationship as businesses, with their own long-term agendas, and where nothing is personal. This diverges from the more common situation where employee loyalty is demanded and there's a pretense of employer loyalty. I write "pretense" because in reality employer loyalty only lasts as long as the employee is useful.

The difference between the two attitudes is that in the former, employees have no doubts where their loyalties lie (themselves), and a company is realistic about its employees' agendas.

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