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[-New York-] Crazyness


Drove here tonight to surprise Geneve tomorrow when she comes in from Switzerland. The weather on the drive in was some of the worst weather I've ever seen--we were deluged with snow and sleet the whole way.

Dave Marlo was driving on a stretch of road in his Malibu, and went to change from the left lane to the right. The car skidded to the right, so on instinct, Dave turned the wheel to the left. Bad move. As we went into our spin, I remember scoping out our situation--no cars in sight behind us, no trees, rocks, or drop-offs on the left side of the road. I just didn't want Dave to panic and make it worse, so as we spun I kept saying, "We're ok, we're ok...stay off the brakes, we're ok." We did a 300-degree turn and ended up in a ditch.

Crazy. It was so surreal while it was happening. It seemed like a video game, and as we were spinning I remember thinking of what my friend Elissa told me went through her mind when she was in a spinning car on the 401. She said "I just remember seeing our car safely come to a rest at the side of the road," and I remember hoping to be able to tell her what I was thinking.

It's amazing how those odd moments in time seemingly get so stretched out. Maybe it's because the neurons fire at a higher rate because the cortisol released in the blood stream demands that a smart course of action be sought. But you just sit there, having random thoughts flash across your brain, because your brain very quickly determines that things are out of your control.

Nobody was hurt, not a scratch on the car. We continued on to Fairfield where we hopped on the Metro North commuter train, and now I'm chillin safe and sound in Geneve's Soho pad.

And I'm thanking my lucky stars that I can still feel my angry neck muscles.

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