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Listening to Ross Porter's After Hours show live on's Radio Two

right now, and a Sinatra-esque song is on.

"Spare me your Manhattan / spare me Carnegie Hall / Just give me a night / in good old Montreal"

It's John Labelle, I find out, singing "Theme for Montreal".

I'm nostalgic, more so because I received this email from my buddy MC today, who's in his last year at McGill:
"getting about ready to peace out of this joint. 7 years has got to be some kind of record. the chicks are so sweet though. i am reminded of this every time i leave for a bit. which, in some ways, makes leaving for good all the more daunting."


Also, if you're into jazz, check out Ross Porter's show, Monday to Friday from 10pm to midnight on Radio Two. It's fantastic.

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1. John Poulson said on Dec 19 2003:

Have been listening to After Hours Show since 1986 when returning West again. It's still the best jazz program ever. But why don't we hear Ross Poter's name anymore? Please let me know.

2. John Poulson said on Jan 8 2004:

I haven't heard of Ross Porter running the Afterhours jazz program. I miss him and hope that all is well with him.
Sincerely, John Poulson

3. SBT said on Jan 27 2004:

Mr. Ross Porter is doing just fine. I too miss his ultimate voice on Afterhours. Unfortunately, he left CBC in late May 2003 to work for CanWest. He is running their new jazz radio station, COOL 99.? out of Winnipeg. He will also have a hand in their new jazz themed t.v. program COOLTV.

4. mike dilallo said on Feb 12 2004:

mr ross portter sucks he knows nothing on jazz

mr shepperd show is much much better

montreal que
514 767 3766

5. msclivia said on Mar 17 2005:

It seemed as if Ross disappeared from the CBC airwaves shortly after his on-the-road broadcast from his cell phone. I'm glad to hear where to catch his stuff.


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