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[-Vancouver-] Happy Canada Day!

Going to Saskatoon tomorrow. Time on the west coast was, as usual, fantastic, and went, as usual, too quickly. Minimal rain, too.

Played some disc golf in Queen Elizabeth Park, which has inspired me to look for a course within reasonable driving distance in Connecticut.

Grace's parents are serious wine connoisseurs--Geneve and I tasted five or six different wines during the one meal we had with them--and with our local wine shop less than a long dwarf-toss away, methinks G and I will be hitting it up more frequently.

Saw Josh today for an hour--the dude looks like a greasy hippie due to his serious ankle injury. That's a bit of a non-sequiter, so let me explain: he grows his hair when he is unable to play sports. When he can play sports again, he cuts it. He goes under the knife tomorrow, so let us all hope for a quick recovery.

Seriously though, it was great to see him--as per usual, he had some hilarious and interesting stories, some of which will end up on his website. The one about why he decided to become a teacher is particuarly great--it involves three teenage girls and some email intended for a different Josh. I'll link to it when it goes live...

Just finished up a BBQ at Chloe's place. Good times, except for the chunk of something (not really sure what) that I found floating in an unopened Sleeman's Cream Ale. Looks like a toenail or piece of mold or something. Not cool. So, I will write the Sleeman's Brewery and see what they say. On another note, seeing something floating in an unopened beer looks so incredibly wrong. I guess I should be thankful it was not a mouse or something...

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