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Wild Night is Calling

On Wednesday, I headed into NYC to meet up with Geneve, Kris, and Aussies Rachel, Janet, and Batesy. It was an east-coast wedding party reunion of sorts. We all converged on an excellent Cuban tapas place on West 14th, called Son Cubano. The food was delicious, the atmosphere Cuban, and the mojitos, $10.

We bounced around a bit afterwards, but settled on Hogs and Heifers, which was just around the corner. Supposedly, it is the bar that the movie Coyote Ugly is based on. The bar was a tourist attraction, and a thorough disappointment, although Rachel and Geneve were, um, "coerced" by the bartenders to spend a song groovin' on the bar. Lots of rubber-arm twisting going on.

We moved on to a bar conveniently located across the street from Kris' place. After a beer or two there, Batesy announced that he was done for the night. He and Janet took off in a cab, Kris headed across the street, and Rachel, Geneve and I moved on to a bar in the West Village to meet up with Grace, who graciously offered to let us crash at her place, which she shares with her cousin.

It was indeed "good times".

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