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So today I finished the first stage of the redesign.

I had some goals in mind for the redesign:

1. Port my blog from Blogger to Movable Type
Movable Type is the publishing system that I use to publish this blog. Using it instead of Blogger gives me more power and flexibility when it comes to things like developing new features, the logical structure of the site, etc.

2. Make the Site More Usable
I structured the information on this site with my parents (love you!) in mind. I want the site's features to be very usable without being intimidating or counterintuitive.

3. Adopt Standards
Part of this site's purpose is to be a sandbox for me to experiment and learn about new technologies. I've thus written this site in (geek alert) XHTML and CSS, and learned a bunch in the process. To you geeks who read this, I know the site does not validate yet. I'm working through the errors. But what this means (for me) is that the code will be easier to write, and (for you) the site should look uniformly the same across many different browsers and operating systems. That being said, I have not been able to test the site on many browsers or OSes, so if this site looks funny to you, please let me know!

And, of course, comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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1. ray said on Nov 2 2003:

this design has got HUGE upside.


isn't ESPN "the worldwide leader in sports", or has that recently been shortened to the omnipotent "worldwide leader"?

2. *snagglefish said on Nov 3 2003:

So, from my coin-operated Opera 6.01 terminal in Prince Rupert, BC (just back from Alaska) I am afraid to say that all the CSS does not totally work. It mainly looks hot, but your mug is obscured behind the tabs.

Not a huge loss mind you.....

3. sujal said on Nov 3 2003:



4. sujal said on Nov 3 2003:

Oops. It's there. My bad.


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