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Kareem's the name. I currently reside in Connecticut, where I work for The Worldwide Leader (that's, for the uninitiated--run while you still can.)

On this site I write about my life, sports, technology, and business, in no particular order.

Opinions expressed here are mine, and not those of my employer.

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November 08, 2003
My Other Site

I've launched ("Critical commentary on T-Dot's pro hoops team") with Ali and Martin.

It will give me a creative outlet to vent write about my favorite team, and will probably reduce the sports entries on this site. It's also allowed me to familiarize myself even more with the cool things that the Movable Type blogging engine can do.

So, if you're a Raptors fan, bookmark for some scathing rants insight about the Raps.

>> reemer @ 05:31 PM
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comment 1.

Holy sweet hell. I am at Narita using IE, but this has to be the most non-compliant version of your page I have ever seen.

GIANT headers. Overlapping text. So hot right now. So hot.

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