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Vice City Redux?

"We had hundreds of people we were trying to move up near the amphitheater. There were seniors, unions members, young people, environmentalists. Every one of them made a conscious decision not to be in the stuff happening in the street." But the police followed them. "The cops came up the hill, tear-gassed us and shot people with rubber bullets. They pepper-sprayed a senior citizen in his 70s who was sitting in a chair completely away from any kind of problem, without provocation."

Apparently, this happened at the Free Trade of the Americas summit on November 20.

I'm pretty in touch with current events, but it mystifies me as to why I have heard nothing about this from the "mainstream" media... and it only reinforces that my decision to subscribe to Salon was necessary.

Read all about it in Salon's "This is not America".

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1. Sujal Shah said on Dec 16 2003:

Not even Vice City... have you played State of Emergency (a much more violent game without the story and environment that GTA has)?

The police in Miami behaved like the police in SoE... though in the game you have to kill a few folks and destroy a few stores before the riot gear is pulled out.


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