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Archon: Evolution

Some guy are re-releasing Archon, which was one of my favourite Commodore 64 games. It's a good combination of strategy and action, and was super-fun to play. (via Tales From the Darkside)

I think that there is a niche for video game studios to re-make some great C64 games like Red Storm Rising, Autoduel, and Mail Order Monsters.

The reason those old-school games were so good is because graphics hardware was very limited--the only place to push the envelope and create a real competitive advantage was through game design. This focus on playability rather than the aesthetics of a game made for a much more fun gaming experience for the customer.

With today's powerful gaming machines, game studios could enhance the already-great playability of these classics, while giving the games a radical facelift to create an amazing looking game that is super-fun to play. Add in hooks for Internet play, and you've got a product that at once appeals to nostalgic 25-35 year-old geeks with lots of disposable income and a proclivity to play video games, as well as a younger audience looking for the Next Best Thing.

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1. booweevil said on Mar 11 2006:

wow! I really cant wait to actually see this fantastic game on a system like x-box or playstation! It has soooo much potential to be a great game. Well, it already is a great game but with the technology we have since '84 we should be able to enhance it to staggering proportions! Just imagine.....the battle fields suddenly turn into an arena similar to saaaay..........soul caliber! Wouldnt that be incredible? I dont understand why someone or some co. hasnt jumped on that game. It combines all the great gaming modes. Strategy,Fighting,Sporty(sort of)and possibly.....role playing. Sooo much potential. I wish I had the capacity and knowledge to do this myself. I wouldve done it long ago...Please update me if you hear anything about it being available on any gaming system.!


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