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Ode to ReplayTV

About five months ago, I purchased a ReplayTV. I have to say that no consumer electronics purchase has had as poweful an effect on the way I live (cellphone aside) than my sweet, sweet, PVR.

I don't watch a lot of TV--Raptors games and Scrubs are my only "must wach" TV shows. That being said, the beauty of ReplayTV lies in its ability to let me watch television much more efficiently. It provides for efficient TV watching by enabling me to do things like automatically skip commercials (a feature no longer offered in new versions), record programs via the web, fast-forward through boring parts of a show, and watch a show when I want to watch it.

It is a killer app for sports: by fast-forwarding through free throws, timeouts, and halftime, ReplayTV enables me to watch a basketball game in a little over an hour, less than half of the time it would take without a PVR... and I get all the slow-motion instant replays I want.

ReplayTV, however, is quite like the cellphone: friends raved about it, but I did not truly understand its benefits and how it made things so much easier until I got one. Amazon has 'em for $150 right now, which is a fantastic deal. Do yourself a favor and get a PVR... as cheesy as it sounds, it'll change your life for the better.

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1. Rowat said on Feb 21 2004:

"Yes, people watch up to 30 percent more television when they have a TiVo"

2. reemer said on Feb 21 2004:

"People can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. Forty percent of all people know that." -- Homer Simpson

Grin, not to say that 30% stat isn't true, but a) what's the distribution between 0% and 30%, and b) the TV that one watches with a PVR is watched faster--see my basketball example--so if I watched 30% more basketball games, but watched them in half the time it normally takes, I would actually be watching TV for less clock time than I would without a PVR.

3. Mike said on Feb 21 2004:

How much is that in 'Nintendo time'?

4. Rowat said on Feb 26 2004:

Hmmmm. I interpreted that to mean 30% more time....but who knows....


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