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Copenhagen Day 1

Stopped over in Reykjavik this morning to make it to Copenhagen, safe and sound. Initial impressions: people here are generally fit, blonde, and relatively stylish--I have yet to see a Euromullet. Went and hung out in the sun on the bank of the river that runs through town with several hundred others. Public transportation is great, and lots of people bike everywhere. The city is very well preserved, having agreed to a strange co-existence with Nazi "occupiers" in WW2 instead of being bombed into submission.

Running on near fumes, however--Iceland has less than an hour of darkness in the summertime, and since I left Boston at 9:30pm to fly to Iceland on my way to Copenhagen, it has been light outside since about 12:30am (it's 7:45pm here right now and still brilliantly sunny).

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