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Gone Fishin'

In my 27 years, I don't think I've ever set my alarm to wake me up this early before today.

This fishin' thing better be pretty good.

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1. Andrew said on Sep 26 2004:

So you catch a big one or what?

2. kareem said on Sep 26 2004:

I caught a few Bluefish and then spent the next few hours chumming it up and sleeping. Cough. Good times.

3. matt said on Sep 27 2004:

fishing is for pussies

4. kareem said on Sep 27 2004:

Dear Matt-

Don't you have a Master's degree?


5. Loosey said on Sep 29 2004: 'chumming it up,' do you mean you cut up the bluefish and put it in the water to attract sharks? Or does chum refer only to a specific kind of fish used for that purpose, and you were just using the term to mean pal-ing around? Ofcourse there is the distinct possibility that you indended the double entendre, and i'm just the kind of dingus to miss the subtlety entirely.

6. kareem said on Sep 29 2004:

I meant barfing.

7. matt said on Oct 2 2004:

Dear Kareem-


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