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Newsgator is like an iPod...

I could go on for awhile about how Greg Reinacker's fantastic news reader, Newsgator, has changed my life, but I won't. I'll just say this: it's the most thought-through web-based news reader out there right now, and that includes Bloglines.

The difference between Newsgator and Bloglines is like that between an iPod and nearly any other MP3 player out there: Newsgator was designed for the middle of the bell curve by hiding non-critical functionality to simplify the user experience, while Bloglines was built for the early adopters, exposing functionality at the expense of ease of use.

If you are looking for a way to manage all the websites that you read, I suggest you check out Newsgator.

By the way, Sandy Hamilton, a VP at Newsgator, has started a blog about "the benefits of using RSS in the business world." He will no doubt have some interesting things to say.

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1. Teja said on Jun 21 2005:

Very well put, I would have to agree aswell, Newsgator has changed my life aswell. I can now check my feeds anywhere I want, weather it be at School or at the public library, it's always availble, rather than a desktop client based agregator, which is fast, but my feeds aren't synchronized when I move to places or to different OS'.

Btw, you might want to do something about this comment spam, turn on moderation and install MT-Blacklist and turn off moderation, everything should be set. (Unless you have it all worked out, since you say Javascript needs to be enabled)

Thanks for the comment btw.

2. deewa said on Jul 11 2005:

Why not try Bloglines.Bloglines is much better than newsgator. You can synchronize bloglines with blogbot for outlook. Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Outlook and Online via blogbot. Itís much better than newsgator between outlook and online.
If you like desktop news client, You can use Greatnews to synchronize bloglines like newsgator using feeddemon. Good news is Greatnews is a wonderful free software but feeddemon isnít.Folder hierarchy is synchronized between Bloglines and Greatnews. Feeddemon doesnít synchronize Folder hierarchy between newsgator online and itself. Greatnews can be found at :
If you like newsgator for outlook, donít worry, blogbot does the same and better job for outlook. blogbot can be found at
Even you uses several computer, you wonít read the same news twice. cause itís synchronized online, at outlook via blogbot, at desktop by greatnews.
Bloglines doesnít offer a desktop service? Thatís not true, check out Greatnews!
newsgator is about to attract you to put money out to their pocket. But bloglines platform strongly supported by blogbot in outlook and gratnews in desktop client is about freedom of goodness of sharing.


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