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Sports Blogging is Blowing Up

Sujal points to a note on Daily Kos (the most highly-trafficked political weblog) about how he believes sports blogging is on the cusp of taking off:

I believe sports blogging will be the next "Big Thing", which is why I've started a company in that realm (details coming soon)... This is a new era of grassroots media. While traditional journalists had to know a little bit about a lot of things, bloggers can focus on their areas of expertise. They can drill like no one else can.

He's right. I have no idea what kind of traffic a site like, say, Offwing Opinion gets, but I am seeing more and more consistently intelligent sports writing on blogs that match Eric's as time goes by, and the traffic will only follow.

Some more quality sports blogs include The Sports Economist, The Sports Law Blog, Sports Frog, Bleacher Guy, Sports Writing and Editing, and The Net Files.

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1. Kevin Donahue said on Feb 20 2005:

I can tell you that gets about 10K per day on average. When bowl season heats up (Oct-Jan) then we average about 25,000 per day. Not bad, but it's still just an enthusiast site.

2. Tom G said on Feb 20 2005:

It's interesting, now that I've been blogging for a while, I notice things in the traditional sports media that drives me crazy (errors, etc.) that are similar to the issues political bloggers have with traditional news services.

3. reemer said on Feb 22 2005:

Kevin, is that 10k uniques, 10k visits, or 10k page views?


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