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Do You Want to a Job at ESPN?

Do you want to create products that are used daily by millions of people?

Do you want to work on products that are changing the face of digital media?

Do you grok Web 2.0 and want your great ideas to be adopted by millions?

Drop me a line, because we are hiring technical producers. Producers work with cross functional teams to define the requirements and specs for our products, and write DHTML and server-side script to drive them through to launch.

Why would you want to work for ESPN? Well, ESPN is a tremendous place to be if you like sports and technology. Thinking about how to make the sports consumption experience better, and having The Mouse's resources to follow through, is pretty unique. The people here are bright and hard-working, and (as is probably expected) are passionate about sports.

Some cool things about the culture here: we have an ESPN-wide softball league in the summer time--there's nothing like stroking a double to clear the bases off your favorite anchor in the bottom of the ninth. We have on-campus basketball leagues organized by ESPN, and there's never a shortage of people to play in a pickup game after hours. We used to play Ultimate every Friday at noon, but have since moved to a game called Gatorball, which is a non-contact soccer/rugby hybrid. We play Gator outside in the summer, and indoors in the winter (the indoor fees are graciously covered by management).

It's a diverse group of folks who work here, and they're from all over--the people I work closest with are from Chicago, Utah, Massachussetts, Seattle, LA, and New York. Few have ties to Connecticut, so there's a built-in community for those that move here.

More about the producer role: you should be comfortable writing ASP, PHP, JSP, or some variant thereof, and you should be able to write simple SQL (SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE...) Killer DHTML skills and a HCI / user experience background are bonuses.

We're hiring in the Fantasy Games, Search, and sports development groups (sports dev is responsible for the scoreboards, story pages, event packages, stat and team pages, etc.), so if you're interested in finding out more, drop me a line. By the way, we don't get referral bonuses, so I'm p1mping the company solely because I'm interested in working alongside even more smart, talented people who really get the Web.

These jobs are located in Bristol, CT, which is about two hours from NYC and two from Boston, if you drive like a grandma.

(Also, Mike writes about some good reasons to work for ESPN, and has a posting for a Flash developer at ESPN.)

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1. Ben said on Feb 18 2005:

I could use a job at ESPN, just not this one. What else have you got?

2. Andrew said on Feb 20 2005:

We also have weekly poker tournaments if that appeals to anyone else...

3. Tony said on Oct 3 2005:

I would looooooooooove to work @ ESPN, but as an Video Editor, it is my life dream, right I work at a local news station and they have no sport department (HATE IT)

4. Joe Turgeon said on Nov 29 2005:

I have been trying to get into ESPN as a researcher for well over a year, but unsuccessfully. I am extremely knowledgeable in sports, but it seems virtually impossible to even get a response when putting in my resume/cover letter/application for a researcher position. Can someone give me any pointers as to what else I can do to be successful in getting into the research department?


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