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David Galbraith Introduces Wists

Yesterday, David Galbraith announced his newest project, Wists.

Wists is kind of like a visual bookmark manager--think with thumbnails. It lives in your browser as a bookmarklet. When you click the bookmarklet, your browser displays all the images on the page you were viewing. You click an image, then enter some tags, and it's automatically added to your, um, Wist-list (?)

Anyways, it's waay easier experienced than described. I'm using it to keep track of neat products I may want to buy down the road, and movies that I want to see: check my Wist page out. It's like an internet-wide wishlist (Amazon, eat your heart out).

The implementation is pretty slick, too. I've had the bookmarklet installed for a day and am finding it useful, and I have already integrated Wists into my browsing habits.

As an aside, I would love to see a good-looking mobile version of this app so I could pull up all items tagged as "movies" while I'm at Blockbuster. Or, the other way--I'd love to be able to search for a product that I just saw in a store using Google on my cellphone, then add it to Wists so I don't have to remember to do so when I get home.

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1. Luis Villa said on Mar 3 2005:

Wow, this is great. Thanks for the link.


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