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ETech: BBC's Creative Archive

Paula Le Dieu had an interesting talk on the BBC's Creative Archive project, which plans to make their audio and video content available on the net for remixing. Some notes from the talk:

Massive media is media for the masses, by the masses. Customers are becoming the mass media. How are major news media (MNM) orgs doing in a time when they are competing with their audiences for attention?

Wikipedia is beating yet another MNM org (they have more traffic than USAToday, which causes uncertainty within MNM orgs that they are still "the source" for news.

Le Dieu tells the story about a bigshot at Sony Pictures Digital who ruffled a lot of feathers when he got up at an industry conference said told attendees to "get your stuff out there any way you can. Your youngsters don't know your brand any more. And, worry about the business models later."

Regarding the Doctor Who leaked episode: much of the great audience feedback is locked up in registered forums instead of being integrated by the BBC. Additionally, the BBC responded by investigating leak (when instead they should be ecstatic they've gotten feedback from passionate fans!)

Battlestar Galactica, in contrast, released an MP3 of director's commentary of the first episode, released a pre-launch video of the first episode, and tried to join their fans in a conversation.

So, what is the BBC Creative Archive project?

It is a public service endeavor to distribute their audio and video content and allow the audience to remix and redistribute their content. They want the UK's cultural heritage and history to be the foundation of a creative nation and so are releasing their content to the network with the following provisions:
1. no DRM (met with applause)
2. creative license
3. take it slowly
4. want audience to become distribution partners using P2P
5. want audience to become metadata partners by allowing them to annotate

It should be interesting to see how this plays out and how other MNM orgs react.

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