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Web 2.0: Yahoo CEO Terry Semel

I missed the first half of this session, so here are notes from the last 15 minutes.

5% of pageviews are search-related, but that 5% provides of disproportionately high monetization. That also means that lots of pageviews are not being monetized.

Yahoo has developed large branded-ad model to compliment search

Communications products and content each make up for 40% of where people spend their time.

As content continues to get better and more engaging, we will find more clever ways to monetize content other than branding.

John Battelle: If Google gets into jobs, their approach might be to scrape and aggregate. So, will you give a hotjobs feed to

Semel: "We will always be more open than they are." Yahoo sees itself as open platform with ability for users to publish. We think the big change is not getting more uniques, but as we go forward, it's about deeper engagement, more time spent, more satisfactory experiences for users and advertisers. All personalization, community, and content will be on platforms to provide a much richer experience. [doesn't really answer question.]

Q: What is yahoo's biggest strength, what is google's biggest weakness?

Semel: Our strength is that we have much more diversified model. To not be well-positioned in user generated content in 5 years i think will be a mistake.

Q: How important is user generated content to Yahoo, and will you be making more money off user generated or traditional content in five years?

Semel: User generated content will be a gigantic piece of what we do. Re: user gen vs. traditional, I give the same answer I gave before about branded advertising vs. contextual advertising: I have two children and they're both geniuses, why can't both succeed? Can we find a way to offer people both? The answer is yes. If one becomes twice as large as the other, that's fantastic, if they grow equally, that's great too.

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1. hemant said on Oct 6 2005:

Excellent speech!
Terry, you rock !


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