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FOXSports Blogs Launch

I'm happy to announce that on Friday, FOX Interactive Media launched blogs. As of Friday, any registered visitor could start a blog on and write away to his heart's content. I product- and project-managed the effort from the FOXSports end, and it was a ton of fun: it was exactly the kind of project I was looking to work on when I joined FOX: a small, focused team building a democratizing, disruptive product.

It's a small, but important step that demonstrates how FOXSports sees its audience: as creators and owners of valuable content, as a group to talk with, not broadcast to, and as people who want to converse about topics they care about. I think the attitude here towards openness is underscored by the exec who asked me where the feature was for a user to get their content out of a FOXSports blog should they want to take it elsewhere. Media 2.0, here we come!

Blogs are also a step that indicates that FIM gets it (from the top on down). The blogs have all the standard stuff--comments, RSS, permalinks, etc, but the key thing here is that FOX, until Friday, was like every other MSM company. We just joined the 21st century, and you can bet there's bigger and badder stuff to come.

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1. Lex said on Nov 29 2005:


I mean, I'm biased. But, still, I like FOX Sports Blogs. A lot.

Welcome to the 21st, FOX Sports! Looking forward to the bigger and badder.

2. Smithers said on Dec 9 2005:

Great work Lew....hope to see some even bigger and better things coming down the pipe.


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