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My good friend, Brian Ivanovick, just sold the e-commerce business he has been running for the past seven years.

With his newfound time, he has decided to write about his experiences running a small business on his new blog,

Brian has shared many of his ideas about running a business over beers with me, and his blog reflects those good ideas, often in an easily digestible story form.

There's nothing quite like learning from other people's experiences. I anticipate that I will learn a lot from reading I suggest you give it a read, too, if you're into learning about web businesses and entrepreneurialism.

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1. Brian Ivanovick said on Jan 6 2006:

I wasn't expecting this. Thanks for the publicity. I only hope I can live up to your readers expectations. ;)

2. kareem said on Jan 6 2006:

The pressure's on. ;)

3. Dane said on Jan 7 2006:

Whoa, hey. Some pretty useful information that Brian cat has got goin' on over there. I'm on the other side of things these days, having just started my own company for code-slingin'.

Yo Kareem, can we count on seein' ya at SXSWi or what? I'll buy you a shot of Yag.

4. kareem said on Jan 7 2006:

A new company, awesome to hear! Good luck with it, and let me know if I can help out.

I'm workin on SXSWi, and I'll definitely take you up on the shot ;)


5. Dane said on Jan 8 2006:

Cool, man. I hope to see ya there! I've been tryin' to convince a friend of mine, too, who is an HCI nerd and wants to flay me alive for attending that Basecamp workshop, that he will be met with certain doom if he doesn't attend SXSWi. He's knuckling under. I click my cloven hooves in glee.

I started the business in October and it's been pretty exciting. I'm the lone gunman at this point, but things have been ramping up at an incredible rate. Indeed, I may need to feast on your sweet, delicious brains at some point. Thanks for the wishes of good fortune!


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