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Measuremap Still in Alpha, Acquired by Google

Just received an email from the folks at Adaptive Path. Their incredibly useful blog stats service, MeasureMap, has been acquired by Google.

The product is great, and not a day goes by without at least checking my numbers through the RSS feed for my site. Amazingly, it's still in a closed alpha right now! Sounds to me like GOOG scooped up a great team with a very promising product, which seems in line with some of their recent acquisitions (see: Dodgeball, Android, Picasa, etc.)

Congrats to Jeff Veen, Google, and the whole MM team! Can't wait to see what you guys do next with the power of Google's resources behind you.

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1. sujal said on Feb 15 2006:

Dude, it sucks. Seriously, it misses stats. Even if the reporting interface was down half the time from load, it shouldn't and must not miss stats.

This is all load/scale related. And, I can't remember, but isn't this another Rails site? Scaling hasn't been proven yet for Ruby and Rails. I see that FastCGI is running on their server... hope it's not what they're using to run Ruby...

Hopefully Google can straighten this all out, because it's actually pretty bad right now. I WANT to use this service because the interfaces and reports are built right, but I can't use it because the numbers are just so wildly off from anything else I use.


2. sujal said on Feb 15 2006:

just a quick followup, I'm not saying Ruby or Rails can't scale, just that no one has done it yet. There aren't best practices or the level of code optimization done on its apache modules or other server side hooks that we've seen in things like mod_perl or even PHP.

Odds are this is more basic: lack of hardware/poor architecture/unexpected growth/etc. Those are easy to fix as long as the software isn't written to preclude those type of solutions. We'll find out.


3. Seshu said on Feb 15 2006:


So, what do you use?

4. sujal said on Feb 15 2006:

I have three services configured for now. SiteMeter, Measure Map, and Google Analytics.

SiteMeter is what I mostly rely on, I check Measure Map via the RSS feeds, and I almost never log into Google Analytics. I also have server side processing (simple stuff) going off of my server logs using analog to generate reports.



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