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MySpace Launches IM

I just got word from the MySpace IM product manager that I could post this to my blog.

MySpace has soft-launched its desktop instant message client.

It's a really simple, clean-looking implementation that feels very solid and exposes the right level of functionality up front.

Tom is the only default contact that you have when you first install the client. There is a prominent "Add your friends to IM" link on the client that takes you to a page that lets you add your MySpace friends to IM with one click.

The client retains your chat history (as you can see in the below chat with Tom), and has a big ol' box that sets your away message.

The only bug I noticed was that my MySpace image doesn't show up, likely because it's a gif. They're working on that, though.


Contacts List:

Talking to Tom:

One-click access to MySpace services:


You can Download the MySpace IM client here.

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1. Marshall said on May 9 2006:

Is this yet another messaging client on yet another protocol? Can we please just all agree on one backend for these things?

2. mitch said on May 9 2006:

Seriosuly. I could see this taking off or any IM network taking off it they would all just work together.. like email.

And like email, they will one day all work together. I just wish that day would hurry up and get here.

3. Jeremy Botter said on May 9 2006:

No, it's not just another IM client. It's for MySpace users, and for what it's intended for, it does the job very well. It's even more light and clean than GTalk.

4. km said on May 9 2006:

seem like the features totally lost to other IM client. Features limited on IM client

5. John said on May 10 2006:

After sniffing packets with Ethereal it identified the traffic as MSN Messenger protocol.

6. PanMan said on May 10 2006:

Why do you have to import your friends? The one thing I would expect from a client tied to a social network, would be the logical extension of your myspace friends into the IM client. Why didn't they do this? It might be a small step, but if I where MySpace, I would avoid any extra hassle.
On a side note, this could get very big, very fast (in the US that is, here in Europe Myspace isn't that widespread). Especially if they couple this with a mobile client, myspace (IM, webbased or mobile) could become one of the main communication providers for their target group, as they allready have all the contact info and networking effects running for them (and can be much cheaper than traditional telco's are nowaday's with SMS and voice).

7. Scottitude said on May 10 2006:

Great; a tool for pedophiles and pervs to chat up and groom future conquests.

MySpace continues to have their finger on the pulse of tomorrows victims today.

8. Mark Gardner said on May 10 2006:

So it's a "beta" but there's no clear way to send feedback/bug reports? Smooth.

Here are my issues. Also sent to customer service at MySpace:
* doesn't work through my corporate firewall
* doesn't work on a Mac
* yet another IM client
* yet another custom GUI "skin"


9. Travis said on May 10 2006:

It's not about features, it's about friends. Most kids have friends on both AIM and MySpace, so this battle is about to get interesting.

10. Jozecuervo said on May 10 2006:

I added an article to wikipedia for this new product...

11. Naser said on May 11 2006:

This looks like a nightmare that went bad.... I mean if they were so fond of simplicity and the colour "white", then they could've just invented an IM on dos prompt with a with background.


PS: I've never been to your blog...but I must say, I loooove the simple bluish look and the (AHEM!) better looking "universal feed icon" being used

12. Aner Ravon said on May 11 2006:

This is a great blog! So happy Mashable pointed it out to me. Regarding MySpace...I don't know...I wrote my own piece about it at


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