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I'm Giving Away $1000 on September 15

On September 15, 2006, I will be giving away $1000*.

There are two simple steps that can make you some cash:

  1. Go here and vote for "How to drive a stick shift automobile", submitted by kareemm (that's me).
  2. Digg this post .

If I win, I will send checks (or Paypals) for $100 to ten randomly selected Diggers.

I've got some life-changing plans for the money if I win. I can't say what they are, but I will write about them here if you help me pull it off!

(Here's the video)

Once again for the ladies in the back...

  1. Vote for "How to drive a stick shift automobile"
  2. Digg this post .


Update: I'd really appreciate it if you spread the word by linking to this and posting to delicious. (I know it lowers your odds of winning, but... karma, dude, karma.)

Update 2: Noah Kagan has already given me some good ideas... if you have any ideas about how to get the word out, please email me or drop 'em in the comments!

* - While I'd love to give away $1000 of my own cash, I haven't yet fulfilled my master plan, so I need your help to give it away. This time.

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Comments (Post | Latest)

1. Noah Brier said on Jul 29 2006:

Do you have to sign up on the site for your vote to count?

2. kareem said on Jul 29 2006:

Noah: yep.

3. noah kagan said on Jul 29 2006:

i wish you could see me now. i am blushing like a korean school girl:)

noah k

4. Deb said on Jul 30 2006:

That's a really useful video. I dugg it and tagged with with

Good luck! I hope you win.

BTW, really sweet wheels.

5. kareem said on Jul 30 2006:

Thanks Deb!

6. Jakob Lodwick said on Aug 1 2006:

It is an interesting idea to offer people $100 to bookmark your page on! I wonder how it arrived in your head. Maybe you could tell us.

7. kareem said on Aug 1 2006:

Hi Jakob,

First, a clarification: I'm giving $1000 to Digg users, not $100 to delicious users.

Second, I was planning to give money away from the moment I learned that I made the finals of this contest. To whom, and how, became clearer after discussions with several friends. Blumpy did come up at some point, but I'm not sure why you sound cranky... giving money away online is hardly a new idea.

Thanks for stopping by.


8. Tom Bielecki said on Aug 4 2006:

i hope you win buddy.... DIGG ON!!

9. Robert Feisee said on Aug 16 2006:

I know some people who should rent that video.

10. susan said on Sep 7 2006:

Great video especially when you stall out purposely... your predictability of the driver's reaction behind you was right on.


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