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My Other Blog: HiddenMojo (As Seen in Fast Company)

I've got to confess something: I've been writing another blog for several months.

I know you'll understand, because I'm really passionate about it.

It's called HiddenMojo, and it's about how to unleash the passion and energy that your company is probably unwittingly suppressing in your employees.

I can't tell you how many people I've talked with who have said something like "if only the company would get out of its way, my team could make it X more dollars!" HiddenMojo is about improving the employee experience to improve business metrics.

We've been writing it somewhat under the radar, but now HiddenMojo has been picked up by Fast Company (page 37 of the Zuckerberg issue):


The funny (sad?) part is that neither Eric nor I work for the companies mentioned in the article any longer. Fast Company, indeed.

So if you're not interested in paying lip service to talent being your company's #1 resource, but are more interested in actually doing stuff to keep your talented people and help them kick ass, head on over to HiddenMojo.

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1. Noah Brier said on Apr 28 2007:

Congrats man, that's cool.

2. Amit Gupta said on Apr 30 2007:

Sweet, dude! Congratulations on the mention. Heading over to check it out now!


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