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I bought a bunch of bootleg DVDs when I was in Shanghai.

One of the great things about a bootleg DVD is the Engrish movie description on the back on the DVD cover. For example, my copy of xXx reads:
"Leading role Xanderin the film the Cage in an ability any of be engaged in the a thlete, nickname XXX of the extreme limit sport. The cause of this name has no an elucidation, but think necessary follow his neck is behind the scar formation of three X shapes that leave is relevant. Because of the work that its ability is outstanding, for this reason quilt Sam Jason the favor, recruit to help to handle a case. The XXX that mission that opportunity go to is a nameds The Anarchy 99 Russias is black to help."

This site shows screen grabs of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, with Engrish subtitles.

FYI, "Engrish" is defined as:
"Engrish is a slang term which refers to an English language phrase that arose through poor translation of another language (usually Japanese) into English, or sometimes, poor translation of English into another language followed by good translation back into English. This used to be a frequent occurrence with product manuals, which might say something like 'to make speed up find up out document', but it's less frequent today. Another source of poor translation is an unchecked machine-produced translation, such as that from the Babelfish service."

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