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At my first summer job, I worked with a guy named Josh.

Josh had just graduated from Queen's University, with a degree in computer science and a minor in sheep humping. He is a funny dude, and he helped spell my days of waiting on the sloooow computer to crunch data by engaging me in Duke 3D deathmatches.

(As an aside, I find it remarkable that Google has only indexed one page with the phrase "Queens fucks sheep". Is McGill really such an apathetic school that "Queens fucks sheep" only appears once on the WHOLE INTERNET? Let's be honest, people, if it isn't on Google, does it really exist? But I digress...)

During our first week working together, I had just come back from lunch with a friend, when I ran into Josh in the lobby of our office building. We BSed for a bit, probably talking about sports and beer (ok, realistically we were talking about MS Access and Lotus Notes) when Josh stopped talking in mid-sentence, said "oooh, a REDHEAD", spun on his heel, and walked off, throwing an "I'll catch you upstairs" over his shoulder.

That was one of his tamer stories (ask him about the one with the sheep) but he definitely has many to share.

And so it came to pass that this Saturday night during dinner I clicked on the Yours In Writing link at right, and laughed out loud several times while reading How To Install a Washer and Dryer.

"Think of famous duos here. Like, say, Abbott and Costello. Or perhaps Laurel and Hardy. Or Wendy and Carnie Wilson (the skinny and fat sisters, respectively, from Wilson Philips). Am I being subtle enough? Dryers are very light, and washing machines are very heavy. Heavy enough to, say, make the idea of moving one, for any reason, including relocating to another apartment, patently ridiculous.

[Ed's Note: A friend has informed me that Carnie is no longer the fattest of the Wilson sisters, thanks to a recent fatsoplasty (actually called a 'gastric bypass') which was reported in People magazine.]"

A.S.K. and Ye Shall Receive is another one I liked.

His is one of those sites that people should read because the content is very good--not because he links to interesting stories, or posts funny pictures (although he does both)--but he takes time and effort, and is a talented writer with interesting ideas. And every now and then, you get a gay pickup line that would probably result in being laughed at more than it would being given a phone number for your little black book. (Aside: no, Josh isn't gay. Not that there's anything wrong with it.)

"I looked over and saw his shoes. They were moss green, the kind you slip on your feet (or at least I couldn't see the laces under his jean cuffs). I liked them. I've been thinking about getting a pair like them. Dear God, do I dare ask about them?

'Are those shoes slip-ons?' I asked. And yes, it is the gayest question I've ever asked."

Good stuff.

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