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It has been a while since I have left Connecticut for any reasonable length of time, and I must say, being on the west coast has been Good.

Flights were ok--had a quick layover in Chicago and were worried about the gate switch, but I don't think I have ever had it easier--we de-planed at B6 and left from B8. Made a quick phone call to Ali to find out the Raptors drafted Chris Bosh (smart move) before we caught our plane to Vancity.

Chloe (fellow ultimate player and Geneve's friend at McGill) and Grace (fellow ultimate player and G's roomate at McGill) met us at YVR and took us straight to Subeez in downtown Vancouver, where we met up with Chloe's boyfriend Mike, and some of his teammates from Furious George. Nice bar, but by the time we got there, it was 3am Eastern time and our bodies were begging for sleep. Only one beer there and then we headed home.

Spent Friday at Kits(ilano) beach with G, Chloe and Grace. Great weather--about 28 and brilliantly sunny. Sunned ourselves and read for a couple of hours, then grabbed some great Vancouver sushi followed by Mum's gelato for dessert.

Met up with my friend Becky later in the evening for a beer on Broadway. It was a thoroughly relaxing day, and made me love Vancouver even more--I had never been to a beach during the summer here, and not having grown up in a beach environment, it was good times. Three hotties in bikinis, a little disc, the new Harry Potter, sand, surf, etc.... sweet.

G and I went to Whistler yesterday with Becky, Grace, and Chloe. Spent the afternoon at Lost Lake with the girls, and it was more of the same chillin. It was funny, though, to stake an area amongst children, older people, and some Amish peeps... only to notice that when we left two hours later, we were surrounded by groups of guys on all sides. Can't say that I blame them--Whistler is a sausage party, so say Grace and reefer.

Followed it up with dinner at some Mexican place ("we've had the Mexican theme for 9 months now") and some dessert while watching Zoolander.

Today it was Milestone's for breakfast, and some cruising around the Village before we left back to the city.

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