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DoCoMo--Japan's Wireless Tsunami: How One Mobile Telecom Created a New Market and Became a Global Force
by John C. Beck, Mitchell Wade

My CTO lent me this book after a conversation about how the ubiquity of wireless devices can foster social change. It describes how the Japanese company DoCoMo introduced the wireless service "i-mode" to Japan and the subsequently unbelievable adoption rates of the service.

The book describes how DoCoMo spurred such change by creating a unique company culture in addition to describing the unique cultural characteristics that contributed to i-mode's success--things like a lack of residential Internet service, long daily commutes on public transportation, and tiny homes all provided incentives for the Japanese populace to adopt wireless communication technologies.

In North America, we're seeing adoption of things like the Danger Sidekick II and camera phones, which translate into new ways of communicating (moblogs and flash mobs are two examples). However, the question remains as to whether North Americans will ever take to the mobile phone as those in Japan, China, and much of Europe have. It will be interesting to learn about such a success story and to think about how and if circumstances will be similar in North America such that explosive mobile adoption rates become a reality on this side of the pond.

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1. Adam Carstens said on Oct 2 2004:

Hey --

If you liked "DoCoMo", you should check out their new one, "Got Game" -- all about how growing up playing video games change how people work, think and live.


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