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Star-Spangled Canadians
by Jeffrey Simpson, Iris Tupholme

A Canadian friend living in Boston lent me this book to read. It details the stories and rationales of many Canadians living and working in the US. It's definitely worth a read if you are a Canadian living in the US or are interested in the subtle distinctions that differentiate the countries.

These differences are illustrated by a thorough examination of policy as it relates to promoting economic growth in the academic, entrepreneurial, business, and entertainment communities in both countries. Simpson also provides a good overview of the differences in the healthcare systems, crime statistics, and racial compositions of Canada and the US.

Ultimately, it paints a depressing picture for ambitious Canadians who don't want to spend their professional lives in the US; the economic policies of the Canadian government simply don't encourage growth as well as US policies, and Canada's size presents huge issues with regard to providing career opportunities versus its neighbor to the South.


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