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Tsunami Disaster Relief

Greg Hughes says...

This is the right time to stop what you normally do, get out of your little digital world that you assume is all-defining and all-encompassing (itís not, really) and come back to reality. Preferably, youíll participate in that reality by helping someone else. Yes, Iím being a little preachy here. Get over it, already Ė this is much more important than personalities.

... and he's right.

Donate to Oxfam here.

Some more first-person accounts:

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1. Lynne said on Jan 6 2005:

Hi - can anyone advise me?

My son, 24, ex-army engineer, handy bloke, would like to volunteer in one of the affected areas hit by the tsunami. Every site we check seems to give financial donation details but not how to donate time and skills.

He was involved in the clear up after the Kosovo war so has direct and relevant experience and just needs a starting point to start making arrangements.

Any tips???



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