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2005: The Year in Cities

A list of cities where I stayed at least one night in 2005, in roughly chronological order:

West Hartford, CT*
San Diego, CA
La Jolla, CA
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY*
Kissimmee, FL
Montreal, QC
Arusha, Tanzania*
Serengeti, Tanzania
Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Nungwi Village, Tanzania
Stone Town, Tanzania
Nairobi, Kenya
Cairo, Egypt
De Haan, Belgium
Brugge, Belgium
Bern, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Hasliberg, Switzerland
Gstaad, Switzerland
Rome, Italy
Positano, Italy
Zurich, Switzerland
Playa Del Rey, CA*
Santa Monica, CA*
San Francisco, CA*
Napa, CA
Toronto, ON*
Lexington, MA*
Boston, MA

What does your 2005 in cities look like? (meme via Kottke.)

* - I stayed in this city more than once on non-consecutive nights.

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1. Robyn Tippins said on Jan 15 2006:

Well, i'm moderately pleased you visited my site LOL

Glad you almost enjoyed the interview ;) These things can be a tad tedious. I should find some way to spice them up...

Last week's LinkedIN controversy was a little more interesting. Lots of power users are pretty peeved that they're capping the maximum connection level. He covers it just a tad in the interview.

Lots of tempers flying over that one...

Anyway, thanks for the trackback. --rt

2. pinky the first said on Jan 18 2006:

Wow, so how was Arusha? My 2005 was not nearly as far-flung as 2006 will be. I will be in Arusha the month of May, and will also hit Los Angeles (home),San Francisco, and Monterey in CA. Then Atlanta, probably New Orleans on the way there, Paris, France en route to Arusha, Tanzania, then NYC and later Black Rock City, NV for the first time.

3. kareem said on Jan 18 2006:

Arusha was ok, but if you go, do go on safari (Roy Tours is a great operator) and check out Zanzibar if you can. So sweet.

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